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Indoor Endless Activity Sports

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 Amazing High-Demand Solo & Group Activity Sports Inside Your Studio, Centre, Venue or Resort

 ~  Cycling    ~  Running  ~  Walking  ~  Roller Skating  ~  Wheelchair  ~  Nordic Skiing

Unique Indoor Endless Multi Sports Activity Tracks

Alpine Ski Slopes

Multi Sport Tracks

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We are proud to work with  excellent, innovative and reliable suppliers and manufacturers. Our Partnership Goal is to sell the best products, at the best price, with the best service & security for our UK & EU Clients.

Free, no obligation business & equipment advice

If your business is in the UK or another European Union country, it is important to know that you have a quality manufacturer warranty that you can rely on should you find fault or have a problem.

It’s important that you can get help fast, because a faulty machine means lost revenue, so every hour & day counts.

Urban Sports Mountains have a UK & EU based service and maintenance team. We remotely log in to your equipment to fault check. Many times we can identify and solve any issue without coming to your site.

If we need to make an adjustment or repair, for whatever cause, we have a fast reaction team always ready and alert for your service.

We know how important reliability is for your business and customer service. That’s why we have solid, reliable products, with the best industry warranty and service support, and an effective problem management structure for your business.

Free, pre-order site visit due diligence check

End-to-end order management

Shipping, EU customs entry and freight management

Fixed quote & management for installation & testing

UK / EU 3 years’ equipment parts & labour warranty

UK / EU 3 years’ warranty management service

UK / EU 5 years’ alpine surface replacement guarantee

Lifetime Service Plan available for UK / EU clients