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Indoor Endless Activity Sports

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 Amazing High-Demand Solo & Group Activity Sports Inside Your Studio, Centre, Venue or Resort

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Unique Indoor Endless Multi Sports Activity Tracks

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Multi Sport Tracks

The first group activity multi sports treadmill for fitness & entertainment

The Indoor Endless Activity Sports Track is a huge treadmill that enables you to offer your customers authentic outdoor activity sports - inside your Studio, Centre, Venue or Resort.

Being indoors, your customers can enjoy their activity sports day and night, all year round, whatever the weather, in the safety and convenience of your venue.

Your Indoor Endless Activity Sports Track has a revolving surface moving from snail’s pace up to 85 Km/h in top spec; with gravity challenge from level to 27% incline and 27% decline. So, the surface can replicate speed and gradient variations of any personal foot or wheel sport.

It’s unlike any other indoor equipment on the market. The Indoor Endless Activity Sports Track has a perfect sports surface and is designed for almost any speed, sprint, distance and endurance sport you can mention.

Your customers can use their own kit such as bicycles, wheelchairs, rollerskis, and inline skates, so it’s just like their outdoor sport, using their own settings and set up to avoid injury and uncomfortableness.

The question is: what activity sports would you like to offer in your venue, and who will you target and attract?

The revolving moving sports surface is 5m x 5m so you can cater for  individuals, groups, parties and teams.

Because the surface is infinitely controllable, it is just as perfect for the novice in any sport as it is for an elite sports athlete.

Please read-on through this web information site. In particular please consider the Track’s Training Mode and Virtual reality Event Mode.

These are both unique systems that make the Indoor Endless Activity Sports Track an incredible new opportunity for your business.

The possibilities for you to attract and engage customers are endless.

The first indoor equipment for exciting, authentic, outdoor activity sports

The Multi Activity Track allows you to enjoy any activity or sport where you move at speed or over distance on foot or on wheels.

Activities and sports requiring distance  from 100m up to 150 miles are traditionally only available outside in the elements, thus being dependent upon the weather, convenience and access of tracks or roads; and of course there is always the risk of getting lost, meeting hazardous obstacles, potholes and moving cars, vans and lorries. It has meant that most people simply haven’t had the opportunity.

The Multi Activity Track changes all of that.

The Track:

We’ve also designed the Track so that you can offer any distance foot or wheel activities and sports for solo or group entertainment.

So now it’s easy to offer sessions or events such as walking 3 Km, cycling 20 Km, nordic skiing 10 Km, wheelchair 15 Km, inline skating 12 Km, baby pram pushing for 2 Km, wheel sledding 15 Km, etc.

In fact, the revolving sports surface is endless, so you can offer 12 hour or 24 hour endurance challenges, providing a new, safe, fun environment for people to take on endurance challenges to raise money for charity.

The Multi Sport Activity Track surface is designed for any shoe or wheel equipment. So customers can use their own kit such as trainers, bicycles, wheelchairs & rollerskis.  It makes the sport authentic, and avoids injury from poor equipment set up.

So now you can offer indoor activity sports just as good as they are outdoors, but with so many more benefits.

The possibilities for you to attract and engage customers are endless.

Engage every customer with Training Mode & Virtual Reality Event Mode

The Multi Activity Track is indoors, and no matter what sport they are enjoying, your customer must be active to stay on the moving surface.

Because the track and your customer remain in the same spot, it is possible to create amazing  sports Learning & Training facilities, and to use entertainment media to create engaging Virtual Reality Sporting Events.

In Training Mode there are wall mirrors that enable visual learning, technique view, & self correction. A coach is always directly on hand to help and to motivate, in real time. There are grab rails available to help you get your balance. It is the ultimate sport learning & environment for novice right up to elite athlete. It’s impossible to get these benefits outdoors.

In VR Event Mode there’s a full 5m wide digital customer cinema. This allows your customers to be immersed in a replay of a digital GoPro in the eye view of a person enjoying a specific sporting activity or event. The digital footage is overlaid with GPS sport data such as speed, distance & gradient.

In addition to the picture and sound being captivating and inspiring, sports activity track can be digitally controlled to replicate ‘physically’ the activity being replayed by the GoPro recordist.

It means that you can offer within your venue VR Events such as: Run Stockholm 10Km; Cycle Paris to Nice; Nordic Ski Obergoms Swiss Trail; Wheelchair London ½ marathon; Walk Barcelona coast path; Sprint 200m Rio Olympic course; etc.

In fact, you can offer a VR Event of:

So, you can offer any person a perfect activity sport workout; and the customer cinema is fully engaging and exciting to keep customers coming back for more.    

The possibilities for you to attract and engage customers are endless.



Now you can offer activities and sports for all levels of fitness & ability

The Indoor Endless Multi Sports Track is fully controlled by digital touch screen at the side, or by someone on or next to the track using remote control.

The Track’s digital controls depends on the model (see Products), and includes:

It means that at any moment, the Track can be moving at the ideal speed for the customer and sport being enjoyed.

It also means that the user can be moving on a level surface, ascending uphill against gravity, or descending downhill with gravity, at the ideal gradient for the customer and sport being enjoyed.

And because the Track has an endless revolving surface, the customer sporting activity can be as short or as long as you want.

It means that you can offer individual or group activity sport for:

Moreover, because the Track is indoors, fully supervised, with no cars, no hazards and with assistance always at hand, it is perfect for people that might not normally enjoy outdoor activity sports such as:

Whether you are offering fitness, sports challenges, entertainment for guests or party packages, The Multi Sport Activity Track is extremely adaptive and flexible for your customers and for your business.

The possibilities for you to attract and engage customers are endless.