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Indoor Endless Activity Sports

inside your venue

 Amazing High-Demand Solo & Group Activity Sports Inside Your Studio, Centre, Venue or Resort

 ~  Cycling    ~  Running  ~  Walking  ~  Roller Skating  ~  Wheelchair  ~  Nordic Skiing

Unique Indoor Endless Multi Sports Activity Tracks

Alpine Ski Slopes

Multi Sport Tracks

Convenient, all year round, day and night activity sports for your customers

Being indoors, your customers can enjoy their activity and sports day and night, all year round, whatever the weather.

Your Indoor Endless Activity Sports Track is located inside your Studio, Venue or Resort so it’s convenient and a great environment for everyone, sports novice and elite athlete alike.

In Virtual Reality Event Mode offer any popular or local sports event

The digital cinema allows you to replay a digital GoPro recording of a person doing a specific sporting activity or event.

The Track speed & gradient alters according to what is on the screen, thereby replicating the physical activity.

It means you can engage your customers with almost any sporting activity or event.

In Training Mode you’ve got the perfect solution for novice & elite development

Being indoors, and with the customer working to stay in the same place, in Training Mode you will have mirrors for visual learning, technique view, & self correction; and a coach is always directly on hand to help, in real time. It is the ultimate sports learning & development facility for novice right up to elite athlete.


The perfect speed, distance and terrain for any foot and wheel sports

Your Indoor Endless Activity Sports Track has a revolving sports surface moving from snail’s pace up to 85 Km/h in top spec; with gravity challenge from level to 27% incline and 27% decline.

So, it provides the perfect sports arena for any foot or wheel sport over ant distance and any terrain.

Your customers’ safety is of paramount importance, so we designed safety in!

Indoor Endless Activity Sports Tracks have automatic shut-down sensors at the front and rear of the sports surface.

There’s a fixed digital panel control and remote for operator control, and 6 Emergency Mushroom Buttons located on the side safety rails.

Our Tracks have safety designed-in!.

Your customers can use their own sports equipment for comfort

The Multi Activity Track surface is designed for any shoe or wheel equipment. So customers can use their own kit such as trainers, bicycles, wheelchairs & rollerskis.

It means that your indoor activity sport is even better than it is outdoors, it’s authentic, and it avoids injury from poor equipment set up.

Sports events and session feedback screen for your customer motivation

Your Indoor Endless Activity Sports Track has a session screen showing  duration, speed, & gradient.

You can feed this data to your online & social media.

Our Tracks have great aesthetics to compliment your venue.

The Best UK & EU Sales & Service, Best Prices & Best Warranty, Guaranteed

Our digital sports equipment comes with 3 years’ UK & EU parts & labour Warranty and 5’ years’ Service Arrangement.

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